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The Natural History of Upper Weardale - opening online

31st Mar 2021

Living Uplands is pleased to report that the limited print run of the Natural History of Upper Weardale. is flying off the online shelves at Durham WIldlife Trust. This companion book to the Natural History of Upper Teesdale, is described in the Foreword byPhil Gates, local naturalist and writer as:

"...a new level of enjoyment to all those who love the Dale, and those who have yet to discover its delights. It was researched, written and produced by a team who generously dedicated their time, knowledge and talents during the worst months of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. Perhaps that timing was fortuitous, as the conditions of lockdown have made so many of us acutely aware of the importance of open spaces, nature and the countryside in our physical and mental wellbeing."

The process of editing the content for online reading has started, and the opening Chapter on People is the first to be made available for open access.

Over the coming weeks the individual chapters of the book will be uploaded, making the content of both books accessible to all. Meantime, those wishing to have a copy in their hands can purchase the book (or both books) from Durham Wildlife Trust at Books (

The Natural History of Upper Weardale book is only 10 plus 3 p&p, as is the Natural History of Upper Teesdale book (limited numbers available) - or those looking for a bargain will be able to purchase both both together for 19 plus 4.50 p&p.

Living Uplands looks forward to completing the process of uploading these books online, creating an open resource for all budding geologists, botanists and everyone with an interest in the rich and unique history and biodiversity of the region.