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The changing weather in Weardale

28th Jun 2021

The most recent chapter of the Natural History of Upper Weardale is on Weather and Climate. There has been consistent tracking of weather patterns in this area of the Pennines for a number of decades.

This has enabled a data rich study of weather patterns and the impact of climate on nature. With change in climate high on the public policy agenda such a resource is vitally important. This is why the discussion on Weather and Climate is Chapter Two; together with the previous chapter on People, it indicates the two principal factors impacting on the landscape of the region.

Extreme weather events can be very extreme in Upper Weardale and surrounding uplands!

And global changes are impacting here as elsewhere, bringing wetter, milder winters, more uncertain weather patterns and extremes.

Image: Weardale Weather (c) Ian Turner

Subsequent to publication of the Natural History of Upper Weardale, Ian Findlay, co-author with Ken Cook on Weather and Climate, offers additional recent information from his daily recording at Hunt Hall Farm, Langdon Beck and data from surveys over the last 47 years in the upper dales of Baldersdale, Lunedale, Teesdale and Weardale. This is shown in the Editor's Synopsis to the Chapter.

As with the other Chapters published on the website, the Chapter on Weather and Climate is available as a download. It is a fascinating study, and essential reading to help better understand climate change as it is happening in the Living Uplands. It is a data base we will be returning in the future to map changes and trends.

Copies of the Natural History of Upper Weardale are available from Durham Wildlife Trust.