Living Uplands

Natural History of Upper Teesdale

The latest edition of "The Natural History of Upper Teesdale" was published by Durham Wildlife Trust in 2018. This book was described in the North Pennines AONB Consultation for the area's management plan 2019-2024 as "the standard reference work on the area's natural heritage for years to come".

A good starting point, and one that Living Uplands will adapt for online reference and use as the scope for a comparable resource on Weardale.

As Lord Barnard concluded in his foreword to the book: "It is only by understanding what we have that the right decision can be made in the care and future management of the unique and complex management that makes up Upper Teesdale". A sentiment we share in respect of all our Uplands.

Copies of 'The Natural History of Upper Teesdale' are available from the Durham Wildlife Trust.