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Helping out the community

3rd Dec 2020

When Covid struck earlier this year, local resident Angela Currie quickly put herself to work making homemade masks. She made masks to order for local residents and businesses and donated all the profits to the Weardale Food Bank and the Weardale Community Hospital. Both of these organisations have been extremely busy this year and a staple for many people during the pandemic.


The Weardale Food Bank runs every Tuesday helping out locals and their families who need extra support, they take any food donations except fresh fruit and veg, you can also donate money which will be used to buy fresh food on the day they open.

The Weardale Community Hospital gives care to local residents, it provides medical and recovery care. This facility gives easy access for local people to be near to their loved ones.

Living Uplands also donated 120 water bottles to Angela who worked with the Area Action Partnership project, they came up with "it's in the bag" which provided 100 families (approx 270 children) with an essential food bag throughout the summer school holidays.