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Geomorphology. Bedrocks.

27th May 2021

The latest Chapter from the Natural History of Upper Weardale has been uploaded. Chapter 4, by David Evans, Professor in the Department of Geography, University of Durham, is on the topic of Geomorphology and Glacial Legacy.

He writes that despite being a region that has been cloaked in glacier ice many times during the ice age, the physical landscape of the North Pennines is strongly controlled by the structure of its bedrock.

David brings together what little past research there has been on glacial deposits in Weardale, combining it with new evidence on the landscape evolution and ice age legacy of the region.

This expert look at the very foundations of the landscape has a large number of maps and illustrations. The online content of this Chapter offers a link to a downloadable PDF of all the illustrations, which might appear relative small when viewed in the book version.

This is a big landscape topic, and perhaps a little technical for the casual reader, but is essential reading to understand the shape and nature of what lies across the wonderful landscape of Weardale.

More online versions of Chapters from the Natural History of Upper Weardale are available, with more to be uploaded in the month ahead.